Wicked Fate

Fate is cunning… It can bring you beautiful moments and it can bring you moments like these… -Cypher

I believe that statement to be hauntingly true. Fate is extremely cunning in its unexpectency and unpredictability. You never know what beautiful moments you’ll experience or when they’ll pop into your life, you never know how long they’ll last before the calm reals in the storm.

They say that life is constantly testing us, I think that life is quizzing us. Each day we’re being quizzed as to how we handle the small situations thrown at us (ie… traffic jams during rush hour, a snarky server at a restaurant, everyone and their cousin shopping at Target…etc).

Fate, however… Fate tests us with life altering moments. Now whether these moments are beautiful or sheer chaos, well that’s why fate is so cunning. Maybe you finally got that big break/ promotion, maybe you’ve been trying to start a family and you’ve found out you’re expecting, maybe you’ve finally found your true love, or maybe you got your dream home you’ve always wanted.

On the other hand, fate may not have been so kind. Perhaps you lost your job, didn’t get into the college you wanted, maybe you were delivered some concerning news via your health, or maybe your heart has just been broken.

How we decide to handle every moment, be it beautiful or sheer chaos, ripples out into how our lives will pan out. I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe in fate. However, I don’t believe that fate is set in stone. Fate shifts with every decision we make. It shifts with each pass or fail.

Fate is extremely cunning.

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