Ribcage of an Angel

These wings of mine are shaded a burnt white. A few feathers have been ripped off here and there over the years. Seamless edges now a bit frayed, patchwork stitches keep them held together…

Behind the skin and flesh of my right shoulder will reveal my bones connected to one another with gears and veins intertwined with wires. The evidence of what a lifetime of battles brings, skeleton and mechanics working in perfect harmony…

Nothing in the cage of my ribcage, emptiness is safe, keep it that way… -Andy Black

Break open my skull and you will see my mechanical mind. LED lights speed around, thoughts processing left and right. In the center of this glowing cerebral thunders a storm in various volumes, some nights calming and some nights buzzing. Behind the storm you’ll see a grave, while a visit may occur from time to time, no digging is ever allowed…

Crack open my chest and you will see two important pieces, however one is missing. The right ribcage houses my soul, a teal luminosity glowing bold. This soul was once at a critical point of burning out, yet it held on and grew brighter. The left ribcage houses my heart, well it used to anyways. My left ribcage is empty darkness. I have taken my scarred & beaten down heart and hidden it away. I always hoped that one day I’d be able to return it to its home, however no such luck. So safely hidden it stays, it might forever have to be that way… 

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