Hating Loudly, Loving Silently

Something is wrong, on every level. I don’t know if there’s something in the water or in the air, but there’s definitely something that has contaminated our brains and truly screwed up our thought processes.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this terrible shift, but I have. I have noticed how trigger happy we’ve gotten with firing negative comments at one another. How quick we are to jump down someone’s throat or bite someone’s head off for words that weren’t even thrown towards us. We, as a society, have become WAY TOO comfortable with running one another over and having no regard for the broken bones or broken organs we leave behind. We have created a world where we no longer love loudly and hate silently.

Judging…labeling…belittling…bullying (mental, physical and cyber) used to live in the shadowed gutters. Kindness…humbleness…generosity…love used to intensely glow throughout the atmosphere. 

However, somewhere along the way those roles reversed and for some unknown reason we allowed it. 

*Quick to listen, slow to speak* used to be a wise motto that one might register through their mind before acting out anger or stress. Now we just take out our pain on others instead of dealing with it. We judge before we know a stranger’s story. We bully those who we label *freak*, *misfit*, *damaged goods*. We base our value of a person based on their looks, *personality, intelligence and heart no longer matter*. We are now more concerned with how high our own pedestal is than we are with the well being of others. 

We are loud with the hate and quiet with the love.

We look at a simple kind act and calculate if it’s worth our time. We’ve stopped telling those we love that we love them and have become afraid to tell that certain “person* how we feel. We try to hide and deny love. We find more enjoyment within *bragging rights* than we do with the night’s gorgeous sunset. We take advantage with no return. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. We look out for ourselves, no one else. 

We are loud with hate and quiet with love.

We have royal fucked up!

You have… I have… We all have…

Usually at this point in the blog I would dare you to go out and do a kind act for someone or perhaps introduce yourself to a stranger and learn from each others stories or even to call your mother, tell her you love her…tell that certain *person* how you feel.

But, I won’t because I can’t. While I want to reverse this curse, I too am guilty of keeping love quiet. I try to make sure that my family & friends feel the love, but I am a coward when it comes to telling *him* how I feel. Whether it’s a fear of rejection or not thinking that I’m good enough, I’ve kept quiet ( and no,crypticly blogging about how you feel doesn’t count. I know because I asked a friend). So for me to dare you at this point would make me a hypocrite.  I will. however, ask you to keep these words filed in the center of your mind. *Think before you speak, breathe before you act, love loudly and hate quietly* And lastly, try…just try. *I know I’m going to*

It truly takes no time or energy to be kind, supportive and understanding towards one another. While on the frozen flip side: hate, judgment and bullying will suck up all of your time, energy and money. Yep, before you know it you’re a broke ass 36 year old who looks 80. 

Help an elderly human across the street…Hold the door to the store open for the mom and her kids…tip those hard working waiters/waitresses…tell the Batista that’s making your latte, *Good morning/ afternoon/ evening*…Leave a nice/ encouraging comment on someone’s social media/ blog…

Be kind…be humble…be understanding…be loving…be a nice human.

Let’s start to clean up our mess.

Love Loudly…Hate Silently  *hmm, I guess our moms were right, if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.* 

I’m a nightmare, a disaster. That’s what they always say. I’m a lost cause, not a hero. But, I’ll make it on my own. I’ve gotta prove them wrong. Me against the world… -Simple Plan

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