The Louisville Slugger vs. The 22 Glock

Far too long… this has gone on for far too long.

Too many nights comprised of only a mere two to three hours of broken slumber. Too many intentional sleepless nights brilliantly wasted staring up at that popcorn ceiling, conjuring up endless thoughts while trying to ignore your mental presence. Thank goodness for coffee and concealer, the essentials needed for any Mr. Misty-eyed thug to hide one’s star lit vortex night.

Four weeks, this is the exact time frame that I have been having the same dream looping throughout my sub-duded mind. In this clear plexi-glass cell I sit, starring into your deep eyes trying to see if I can get a read on what thoughts are spinning in your process. I think you’re playing the same game with me as well, but trust me, you won’t gain access to this guarded cerebral of mine.

Four weeks you and I have been playing this game of “Don’t Blink” and for four weeks that damn baseball bat has been mocking me as it’s conveniently propped up against the outer left wall of my prison. Between trying to piece together as to why you’re in my hellish dreamland and how the hell to get my hands on that bat to smash my way out of here *along with life in general*, I am mentally exhausted.

Last night brought two changes to this beautifully twisted plot, one a saint and one a sinner. As I momentarily shifted my gaze from your handsome exterior, two items grasped my attention. That mischievous bat was now inside of my clear cell along with a shiny hand held gun. Without an ounce of befuddlement I knew what each item’s purpose was. The only question left gnawing away was which ending am I going to attach to this seven month tornado.

Do I take that bat and smash away at these entrapment walls, channeling my inner Hulk or do I grab that shiny gun and aim that barrel where it desires to be. Fifty percent of my heart wants to favor the bat, smash and walk up to you to see what may happen. Fifty percent of my mind knows what must be done, grab the gun.

The Louisville Slugger vs. The 22 Glock…

Tonight should be fun, if I fall asleep that is…

2 thoughts on “The Louisville Slugger vs. The 22 Glock

  1. brandilroberts says:

    When you’re caught in a fifty/fifty like this it’s hard to choose. Believe me I know.. The best advice I can offer is to pick up that bat and swing first.. You can always keep your finger on the trigger. It’s hard to choose between what your heart wants and what your brain is telling you is the “logical answer”. What is your gut telling you?

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