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Can you stop reading at any time, or does it have to be a certain page or chapter? I prefer to pause at the end of a chapter, but sometimes I’ve paused at the end of a page or even a sentence.

Do you eat or drink anything whilst reading?  Yes, I love having a something to sip/ munch on. Pretty much anything “snack” like; Cheez-its, chips, grapes, mini Reese’s.

Can you read listening to music or watching TV? Yes, usually I’ll have music playing in the background or I’ll even wear headphones. The music helps me to concentrate on what it is I’m reading. I hear too many ambient sounds within silence, they distract me. I can also read if the TV is on.

One book at a time, or several at once?  One at a time. I like to become lost within the storyline. Switching back and forth between several books doesn’t work for me. 

Reading at home or everywhere? Everywhere. As a young teen I’d even take a book with me to restaurants. I’d read while waiting for the table. My parents didn’t care as long as I put the book away during dinner.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?  Definitely silently in me head.  

Do you read ahead, or skip pages?  Nope, I’m not a skipper. I need to read it in order, start to finish. 

Breaking the spine or keeping it new?  I like keeping my books looking like new, but sometimes the spines break, it happens.

Do you write books, or just read them? Both. I got into writing as a teen. It was an escape for me. Reading is a passion, I love getting lost within different stories and becoming inspired.

5 of my favorite books: 1. Any book by C.S. Lewis, 2. The Harry Potter Series, 3. Any novel by Stephen King, 4. Papertown, 5. Gray by Pete Wentz

PsWhat is the last book you read? Smoke Signals by Ashley Dun

About me:

Name: Derra

Name Meaning: Not sure?

Named After Anyone: My biological father chose my name.

Hair Color: Brunette with blonde and plum highlights

Hair Length: Pixie Cut

Eye Color: Green/ Hazel

My Birthday: November 2nd

Height: 5’6″

Place of Birth: Covina, CA.

Currently Living: Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Star Sign: Scorpio

Best Feature: My eyes

Braces: Nope

Piercings: None

Tattoos: 3

Right or Left Handed: Right handed

Pets: no

Siblings: 2 siblings, one bro and one sister, both younger

Do you have kids? No

How many children do you want? At least 2

What would you name your children? I’d name my boy after his daddy and I like Rylee Nicole for a girl.

Marriage: Someday ❤

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Well seeing as I’m already grown up (for the most part) I am a writer. I did want to be a fashion designer & a drummer when I was kid.

Career goals: Just to be myself with my writing and to hopefully help others who are struggling with life. I want my words to aid on the healing of those hurting. I want them to know that they’re not alone and that we’re all a little broken. And that’s okay.

Hobbies: Reading, blogging, cooking, drawing, movies, music, traveling, watching football & hockey. 

Five Random Facts About Me: I love Horror movies but I am terrified of clowns & porcelain dolls, I love spending days at the beach, I love dogs, I’m shy but open up after I get to know you, my family & friends are my everything.


Five Favorite Films: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Donnie Darko, Fast & Furious films, Armageddon, Love & Other Drugs

Five Favorite Songs: I Miss You by Blink 182, Screen by Twenty One Pilots, Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day, With or Without You by U2, Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy

TV Shows: NCIS, Criminal Minds, AHS, Speechless, Hawaii 5-0, The Big Bang Theory, Cut throat Kitchen.

YouTubers: Yolanda Gamp (How to Cake it) , Rosanna Pansino (Nerdy Nummies) , Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Cupcake Jemma, Joe Santagato.

Food: Carnitas tacos with guacamole

Drinks: Dr. Pepper, Bai, Peach tea, Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.

Animals: Dogs, cats, giraffes, penguins.

Restaurants: The Lazy Dog, The Blaze, In-n-Out, Panera

Shops: Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, Victoria Secrets, Bath & Body Works.

Smells: Vanilla, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon

Colors: Purple, Teal. Black

Music Genre: Rock. Punk, Rap. Hip Hop

First: I need a little more info. 😂

Holiday: HallowThanksMas

Concert: FOB, TØP, Panic @ The Disco

Best Friend: Coryn

Currently: Answering these questions 😘

Feeling: Content and tired

Eating: Chips and salsa

Watching: Avengers

Wearing: Black yoga pants and a red shirt that says *California coast*

Do You:

Believe in miracles: Yes

Believe in love at first sight: Yes

Believe in ghosts: Yes

Believe in aliens: Yes

Believe in soulmates: Yes

Believe in Heaven/Hell: Yes

Believe in kissing on the first date: Depends how the date goes…

Believe in yourself: Working on it.


If you won the lottery, what would you buy? My dream townhouse in Brooklyn, my parents dream house, put my bro through college, pay off my sister’s college loans. donate to CHLA and Suicide Prevention organization. Start my own foundation, travel.

Your favorite/worst subject in high school: English, Science. Art

Subject you were best at: English & Math

Sports do you play/have you played: If Wii sports counts then yes

Phone – (iOS or Android): Android!

Something you wish you were talented at: Snowboarding and surfing

First thing you notice about people: Their eyes

On top of your bucket list: Visit Paris

3 long term goals: Fall in love, have kids, spoil grandkids

3 short term goals: To become a NY Best seller

What are you doing today to help you achieve these goals? Writing, writing and more writing. Digging deep and breaking my mind and heart.

3 things you’d take to a desert island: sunscreen, sunglasses, book

Biggest Accomplishment: Having my book Dear You published

Ideal first date for you: Pizza and a movie

Something you look for in a partner: Honesty, kindness. sense of humor, genuineness

Something you dislike: Dishonesty

Special talents: Im pretty good at turning that from upside down 

Favorite fairy tale: Smow White

App you use the most yet: Spotify, Twitter & Instagram

Piece of technology you can not live without: my laptop

Countries you have visited: Mexico

Countries you would like to visit: Europe, China. Australia, Germany, Ireland

Most embarrassing memory: My lips are sealed

Random Final Questions:

Summer or Winter: Sumnter

Furthest you’ve ever been from home: NY

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?  NY, London or Australia

Sweet or savory: Depends on mood

Last time you cried: Admittedly it was a few weeks ago

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself: Yes, I would

Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yep I do

Scary movie or happy endings: Both

How would you describe your fashion sense? Cali girl

Are you competitive? Bring it on!

Describe yourself in a single sentence: Adorable loving witty sarcastic evil genius smartass!

If you could give your younger self what would it be? You will be tested, you will have to prove yourself everyday and there will be moments when you want to end it all, but don’t do it. Do Not give up, life gets so much better. You will find the light in your darkness. Fight girl, fight!

Social Media Links: twitter & Instagram: 19jack84

Contact Me: mystikx84@gmail.com

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