Rabbit Hole

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

And back down the insane rabbit hole we go. 

What if I told you that I’ve been dreaming about you for the past few months…would you freak out and run or would intrigue capture your attention? Would you attach the “crazy” label onto my forehead or would you take a moment to see the world that spins in my eyes?

The first night I found myself locked in this plexiglass cell, my eyes instantly became curiously fascinated with the familiar surroundings of my woods. The ground still cold as ice, the clouds still gray with that glowing red lining, the air still frostbitten. Center cell I stood taking in my doomed view, taking a moment to analyze the “nightmare” intensity. My exhausted mind cautiously soaking in the atmosphere as my focus is shifted to the blur faced warm bodies passing by in a Pleasantville fashion. 

Over the past months I have slammed on the glass in hopes of grasping their attention and convince them to aid as an accomplice in my escape. I’ve pulled every evil genius plot from my cerebral maze in hopes of vacating this cell. No Irish luck planned out. 

Slowly my back slid against the back wall until my toosh hit the frigid ground, tears stubbornly snuck out while fears of my mind waving the white flag spun. A quick glance up revealed that all of the blur faced warm bodies were gone, all except for one. 

To my left resided a baseball bat outside my nightly home and in front of me stood a single pixelated face. 

Every Morning pressed pause and every Night pressed play. With each continuation I lost an ounce of faith, I fell deeper into this trapped solitude. At one point I found myself praying for a moment of peace rather than an escape, an answer.

A few weeks ago that peace was granted. See, that warm body’s face began to slowly focus itself. Each pixel began to connect. Before I knew it a clear image was starring back at me. 

Your image is the very definition of calming. Your image took my breath away, created a whirlwind of butterflies in my stomach and brought my heart back to its normal pace… all in a single moment, all in a first glance.

For months I’ve been spiraling down the rabbit hole every night and functioning each day with only 3 hours of sleep in my back pocket. Some nights I don’t sleep at all. For the last few weeks, you and I have sat with one another in the silence that breathes within the darkness, this solid clearly box separating us. Not one single word exchanged. Its simply you and I captured by each others reflections. I’ve tried to say hello, but an invisible hand seems to be chocking my vocal chords. A few dreams ago I moved from the south wall to the north wall, I placed my hand against the glass and watched as your hand started to move towards mine, until…

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