Nightly Sentence

Three months… Three months and I am still the prisoner of the plexiglass cell. In the center of these all too familiar woods I remain trapped within these six clear walls. I’m pretty sure that this box is mocking me, can’t yet prove it, but I know it is. 

For three months I have tried everything under the gloomy sky to escape this cell. From kicking the walls to punching them, I’ve looked for a secret passage way out and even tried screaming for help. Nothing to this point has worked and my voice is shot. So I spend my nights imprisoned in this plexiglass cell staring at the baseball bat that’s conveniently propped against the west wall, outside of it. Damn, I’d give anything to get my hands on that bat, then I could smash this shit out of this taunting box.

I have had dreams similar to this one almost my whole life and even though these devious dreams steal my sleep, I never truly minded because I have always found my way out. I have always been able to decipher the hidden message behind the hell. But, this dream…

I’m mentally trapped, I can’t figure out why and I can’t simply ignore it…. I hate feeling trapped, feeling helpless.Then again, maybe I have solved the puzzle that’s been intertwined within the nightly perplextion. Maybe I know exactly why I’m trapped in this cell, hell, I think I may even know how to get the f*ck out of here. The answer is right there in front of me, in fact it’s been right in front of me for a few weeks now…I, for whatever reason, just can’t bring myself to “jump”.

For three months I’ve been serving my nightly sentence and for the last three weeks your image has been keeping me company. 

Its kinda humorous how our minds teach us lessons. The worst part about all of this is that it’s possible I may be falling for someone I don’t even know, someone I’ll never meet. 

God I’d give anything to be in a coma right now…

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