Mental Failure…

Ever find yourself in that situation where you have something to say, but for whatever reason your mind won’t allow your fingers to write or type?

The thoughts are there, but at the same time they’re not there at all. 

I have something to say, something I’ve been wanting to say and it’s frustrating the shit out of me that my brain won’t shut up for two minutes and allow my heart to have the microphone.


It’s not this complicated, I know its not…it can’t be. 

I was told that the reason why I am unable to express one simple thought to the person I want say it to is because I’m assuming that I already know what his response would be.  

I hope that made sense, there’s been a lack of sleep in my life these nights.

Yes I know I shouldn’t assume, but in my defense my mind has been in “Space Bound” mode for a little too long. I can’t help it…

I’d give anything to be able to move forward, right into “Tear in my Heart” mode. Anything…
“I wanna be known by you…” -TØP

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