Coffee Shop

I’m headed out to the local coffee shop that my Google assistant stated is “closest to me”. I don’t know about you, but I am in need of a definite caffeine fix. Plus, I could also use a break from the nyctophilia brokenness of my brain. Time to visit the section that focuses on the kaleidoscopic beauty this life presents us with. That section of my brain that gets lost in the moments of happiness that’s swirled into the tiniest simplicities. It’s good to warm up in the sunlight every now and again.

So, coffee is on me.

My five senses are in complete heaven the moment I open the door to a coffee shop. From Starbucks to any local coffee shop that the local natives deem “the best cup in town”. (I wonder if heaven has a Starbucks…). I think it’s safe to say that next to the beach, record store and bookstore, a coffee shop is one of my mini happy places.

Hand on Handle… door swooshes open and instantly my senses are slammed with comfort. Scents of freshly brewed coffee and straight out of the oven buttery croissants swirl through the air.

The sounds of espresso machines percolating and fellow humans ordering their usuals vibrate in and out of my eardrums.

The picturesque visual of coffee being sipped and conversations engaging encodes a hopeful glimpse in my sparkling pupils.

The feel of this piping hot cup filled with caramel macchiato goodness is the equivalent to a warm comforting hug.

Notes of caramelized brown sugar intertwining with the strong and slightly bitter espresso tingles my taste buds.

To just take a moment…

To curiously observe the whipped cream slowly melt into this steaming macchiato like George.

To simply take a moment to be in the moment before stepping back into the world’s chaos.

“With a hot cup of coffee and a piece of your trust, you will see the real me as I put my mask in my back pocket…” – Derra Sabo

One thought on “Coffee Shop

  1. says:

    Оr perhaps he liҝkes bowling.? Leе continued. ?I heard somebodү say that whenever
    you hear tһundеr, that signifies that God is bowling in heaven. I bet hes really good at it.


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