2064… an inconceivable number that I can’t help but ponder about. These static filled digits seem to be feeding a flame of hopefulness into my right shoulder (don’t try to figure it out).


Four numeric letters that where never destined to become moon lit molecules surfing through my veins. No one ever knows the moment that they’ll cross their life’s finish line, only destiny herself knows. But, in this world of mine, certain decisions needing to be decided in my life now were never supposed to be a part of the game plan.

According to the experts, 1998 was painted on my finish line, this grand marathon should have ended years ago. Yet, here I find myself still running within this deep breathing. In this beautifully twisted race I still find myself participating in, the continuous thrill gives me a high like no other.

Unfocused question marks have planted themselves strategically throughout my mind, feeding themselves from the curiosity river that flows.

Will my dream of my past and present aid in band-aiding those who are going through their own darkness? Will my stray words find loving homes amongst other glowing bulbs?

This fear of mine, will a kind soul crush its existence? Will I have the guts to allow another odd puzzle piece to fit with mine?

Will I travel to different lands and fly over different ponds that circumference this spinning marble?

Does this blurry future include tiny humans and grand tiny humans?

Whatever these renewed sunrises and secretive sunsets hold, I look forward to every moment and every adventure. I’ll remain humble within the good and fight through the bad. Because this non-existing existence has me hooked.

I’m addicted to 2064

“Sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul, but it takes someone to come around and show you how…” -tøp

SOTD: 27 by Machine Gun Kelly

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