Here and Now

This moment… this moment is the perfect exemplary freeze frame of who I am. This moment captures the true images of mind and ticker.

Sitting at my laptop, writing the current thoughts that are forefront in the beautiful chaos. Sipping on a piping hot yet soothing pumpkin spice latte, feeling the calming caffeine place said chaos in order. Listening to My Chemical Romance and Dashboard Confessional spin out the lyrics of life.

Sitting here at the kitchen table, typing away as the cool pre-autumn breeze gently flows through the screens. The crisp cool air rewinding memories of autumns past, leaving a sense of nostalgia as Even Now begins to play on the Bluetooth speaker.

Sitting here at my laptop typing away, wearing todays fashion choice of dark gray yoga pants and a three quarter sleeve baseball top that has the California Bear representing. Pink Lola glasses so that these peepers of mine can better see what my fists are typing and no make-up because once in a while a fresh face of natural beauty needs to shine.

Sitting here typing away, able to momentarily become open without feeling apprehensive or guarded. Able to show you a piece of me, a glimpse of my life.

In this moment…. Here and now

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