Brilliantly Dumb

Ok so we’ve all had those infamous “brain fart” moments. Those moments where life is playing keep-away with our intelligence. One must admit though, those moments of pure stupidity or lack of judgment make for side busting stories years down the road. Titanium memories that are some of the best times of your life.

Like having a weekend long water gun war with your Dad, bro and sis. Mom’s out of town which means the kids will play on a “no holds bar” level. Boys against girls, water tanks filled with ice and frigid water. Outside the house and somehow inside the house. Sliding down hardwood hallways.. boys chasing girls and visa-versa. Dogs chasing everybody. Soaking wet from top to bottom. A plan perfectly detailed so that all evidence will be destroyed before Mom gets back on Sunday night.. or so we thoughts. Oops!

Or how about the day when both parents were out running errands, leaving three angels aka silent troublemakers at home. Everything was going smoothly, kickin’ back watching movies and munchin’ on freshly popped kettle corn. The perfect Saturday really, until the dogs rampage through the kitchen and knock down a six pack of Rootbeer. One bottle goes crashing onto the tile floor resulting in a foamy goodness geyser shooting extremely high. Rootbeer is now everywhere, two white labs are licking it up as the Sabo kids are cleaning up the left over. All is good as a triple check for any sticky sugary delicious evidence left behind. All clear… well we though it was. Looks like we forget to check the ceiling, but no worries because Mom noticed it five seconds after she walked into the kitchen. Damn that Mom radar.

Pranks and scaring the shit out each other are favorites for the Sabo squad. Hiding in darkened doorways, pounding on bedroom windows from the outside and hiding in closets while shaking and slamming its doors, resulting in screams and slipping down hallways. Putting a few shakes of Tabasco in someone’s hot chocolate, squeezing a whole bottle of hair gel into someone bedroom carpet so that when they enter their room they step into gooey cold grossness and spraying a whole bottle of perfume in another’s and then quickly shutting the door so that the eye-burning stink is sealed in.

Then there was that time when two Sabo kids turned the dishwasher into a bubble machine… yep, that was fun!

Never a dull moment in the Sabo House growing up… and these are just a few stops down memory lane.

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