A Misfit’s 24 hours

“I am Phenomenal….” vibrates through the speakers of my Galaxy 6S Edge. The sun peering through the blinds and the birds chirping “good morning” in the early crisp air. In my zombie state, my day starts at the Keurig. The smell of caramel Brule coffee begins flipping on all of my senses and revs up my brain to begin functioning. After a few sips of that gorgeous liquid crack and checking E-mails/ Instagram/ Twitter/ SnapChat, the transformation from zombie to human takes effect.

Now that I no longer look half dead I’m off to have breakfast with my Ma’. Her and I are major foodies and love cooking as much as going out. However, for breakfast we have our favorite places and today we’re enjoying deliciously fluffy buttermilk pancakes at The Corner Bakery. After good food and awesome conversationĀ I’m off to run those oh so fun errands. First stop, Wally World (Wal-Mart) to pick up some necessities and a few goodies that I never need but really want (you know how that goes). Across the street from Wally World isĀ My Delight Cupcakery where the most delicious cupcakes are made. I always make a stop there, have to, it’s addicting. One key lime cupcake and breakfast cupcake later, I’m now of to Starbucks for a caramel caffeine pick up.

To shorten the errands insanity I will just say that after a coffee break isĀ the bank, grocery store, Target to get my prescription refilled and then back home to put all of my purchased goodies away. Going out and about began at 9am-ish and was finished about 2pm-ish. By this time it’s definitely time to refuel, so how about a White Top thin crust pizza over at The Blaze? Sounds good to me! Anytime I eat out I loveĀ taking inĀ the atmosphere and seeing all of the interesting people that walk in and out. I find inspiration everywhere I go and store it in my mind for when I write. Now that my stomach’s full, it’s time to head home. No nap though, nope not happenin’. It’s now time to grab my Surface, pens and notebooks and create. Yes, I said pens… I am someone who not only has a stash of black pens, but every color of the rainbow as well. Artistic vibes flow through everything I do, not just when I write. After a few hours of jotting down thoughts and typing them into a story of life I take a break and figure out what sounds good for dinner.

Dinner is my favorite time of the day, it’s that meal where everyone gathers and discusses their days as well as current events and whatever else pops into their minds. It’s more than just a meal, it’s the perfect ending to the day. A Little TV (love my NCIS, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story and Salem) then off to relax in a nice hot shower and wash the day away. The scent of my lavender body wish calms the senses and places my whole body in chill mode. Tick tock the clocks strikes 11pm. Time to crawl into bed with an iced latte, plug those pink Beats into my phone, turn on that glowing laptop and enter the writing world once again. Words are typed and MCR plays for another few hours, usually ’til around 3am-ish. Once my eyes turn to blurred steel doors and my brain can no longer function properly, all technology is shut down. Slumber once again sneaks in around 4am-ish and in just a few hours Eminem once again makes his presence…. And Repeat.

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