Patio Life

Today I have decided to turn off my laptop and take the rest of the afternoon to just, well, chill. One of my favorite places to chill is my little patio. I live in an apartment complex and the view from my patio is the center of the complex. A beautiful, calming scene of green grass, trees and various plants, a playground for the kids, a BBQ station with picnic tables and sidewalks for getting a little exercise while walking your dog. Before heading to the patio, I like to make a pit stop to the kitchen to get myself an iced or hot coffee, depending on my mood and then off to the patio I go. Sitting on the comfy glider, I sip and soak. While sipping on my beverage my ears, eyes and mind soak in the life buzzing by.

Seeing the kids play football or a game of basketball together, laughing and cheering one another on. Watching the different types of k-9’s sniff everything in their sight as their humans take them for a stroll or head over to the dog park so that the pooches can run loose and play with other dogs. Straight ahead in my view is a giant tree, it’s leaves are changing autumn colors and snapping off of the branches as the cool autumn breeze flows through.

Sometimes I like to take a book or my phone outside so that I can get lost in a new story or peruse new blogs. Even though my eyes are preoccupied, my ears pick up the ambient sounds of the birds chirping or the owl hooting. As the sun sets the crickets begin to play their blue love songs and the moon makes it’s presence along with all of it’s twinkling squad. The night air is cold and crisp, the dark skies are calming and contentment has once again settled in my heart.


2 thoughts on “Patio Life

  1. Nam H Nguyen says:

    Sometimes, we just need to disconnect from the net. It’s a busy life we lead and we often to forget that we need some time to ourselves. To appreciate the world that we’re surrounded in 🙂
    Your piece captures this perfectly by the way. I can almost imagine being there.


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