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When the Laptop is Off…

As a writer my days pretty much consist of jotting down thoughts and quotes (literary and lyrical) in notebooks and writing (well typing actually). Whether I am working on a current manuscript or blogging for the few sites I contribute to, words tick away the hours of my days. Plus, being a writer means the that the old 9 to 5 is non existent, it’s pretty much a  24 – 7 gig. You never know when those thought bulbs are going to spark, one must take advantage of those flowing creative juices. However, I still have a life outside of my laptop and I very much enjoy living it.

When the laptop is off I enjoy going to get a coffee and perusing Victoria Gardens (an outdoors mall 5 minutes from my place).

When the laptop is off I enjoy cooking and baking deliciousness in the kitchen.

When the laptop is off I enjoy downloading new music and creating playlists. Then sync my phone to my Bluetooth speaker and rock out.

When the laptop is off I enjoy curling up in a cozy place with a hot cup of tea and a good book. Or, curling up on the couch with some Doritos while watching a scary movie.

When the laptop is off I love spending time with my people aka family and friends.

When the laptop is off I love to travel and explore new places and meeting new people along with revisiting my favs, like the beach or Disneyland. It is the happiest place on earth after all.

When the laptop is off I enjoy sitting on my porch with an iced latte, spending time with mother nature and becoming lost in my own thoughts.

These are some of my favorite things to do when I’m not super-glued to a pen and notebook or laptop. These are my ways of recharging and finding new inspirations for future pieces.

So, what do you do when your laptop is off?

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