Exploding Humans

The deep truth is clearly evident in the tweet displayed above. We humans become distractedly worried with such minors in our lives, treating them as though they are as major as, well, exploding stars. Dramatization seems to be a trending emotion and as we all know, when anything trends millions follow.

Take a moment to ponder just how big the world you live in is. We are merely a tiny blip on the universe’s radar. Ever use Google Earth? It’s been a long time since I’ve played around with that program, but it was awesome. I would type in my address, click enter and boom there’s my house on my laptop screen. Now if I were to click the keypad, the view of my house would zoom out making it’s image a touch smaller. With every click the satellite’s camera would zoom further and further away from my house. The image on my screen would go from my house to my neighborhood to several streets. Let’s keep this going… the city zoomed to county then further to the whole state of California. State became states that became the country of North America. A few last clicks and my peepers were viewing planet Earth.

Now imagine this zooming trend continuing, before you know it you’ll be seeing every spinning planet, surrounding moons and infinite stars. Yet here we are, exaggerating our daily lives, turning every tiny “get-together” into a “major rager party”. Our “to-do” lists, whether personal or professional, are not the end of the world. 9 out of 10 tasks done is not failure, even though it may seem as though it is (the struggle is real). As long as you have achieved a productive day and you were the best version of yourself then take a breath and a chill pill. Tomorrow is another 24 hours to continue accomplishing, so quit exploding fellow humans.



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