My Space

Writing is an art and to create great art an artist tends to have a certain composed environment. A place that allows the inspiration to flow freely. Now from time to time a writer’s mind may become blocked and one may become stressed with the buzzing static that’s taken over. I find that stepping away from the laptop for a bit or even a day helps to clear my head and allow the static to die down.

Back to my place… I know some writers prefer to write while in bed, I can’t. Lying or sitting on my bed makes my mind wonder away from whatever current piece I’m working on and become distracted by social media or Netflix. My mind even sends subliminal messages to my hands, telling them to put down the laptop and pick up a book. So I have claimed my work area at the kitchen table.

There is a process to beginning my art and it starts like this… First I open my Spotify app on my phone, select a playlist depending on my mood and link it to my Bluetooth speaker so that the tunes can drown out any ambient sounds that my Curious George mind would find distracting (unless it’s night, then I use my headphones). Second I usually (always) get an iced or hot latte and something to munch on. Grab my glasses and off I go into my zone. The kitchen area has always been my favorite room in the house and for whatever reason, food and music are very inspirational to me.

Another helpful tip, I keep my phone in another room so that I won’t be tempted to grab after it every time Adam Levine starts singing the hook to Locked Away. This is where I create the best pieces of art. Where do you create yours?

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