Who I am and Why I’m Here…

Who am I? I am young woman who has been dealt a unique hand in the game of life. Born with a rare genetic disorder and every odd against me, technically I’m not even supposed to be alive. A life expectancy of 14 years morphed into 31 years of adventure, chaos and hitting rock bottom. Years spent breaking every rule and defying every odd. Searching for the reason as to why I’m still breathing, my purpose, my end game.  Writing started out as a hobby when I was a young teen in Jr. High, then it transformed into an escape from everyday life in my early 20’s.

Thoughts traveled from mind to paper, expulsion of confusion and anger filled page after page. As the negative vibes blurred out soon contentment and creativity followed. A blog started merely to heal my wounds and calm the pain of my scars transitioned into a way of sharing my own personal thoughts with the digital world. A growing blog created a bridge that was crossed into writing on a larger scale. Months of morphing my life into a manuscript which is now in production. On a personal level, writing has slowly started to refuel my confidence and improved the decision making process I currently practice.

I never in my life could foresee that a simple pleasure could turn into a career, a way to connect with fellow writers and beating hearts from around the world. These days, I look at the game of life in a 360* HD view, forever changing the way I play my hand.

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