Beauty and the Brutal

I once read that it’s the horrible stories that last longer than the good ones…

Not only do I think that this statement is saddening, but I also think that it’s all too true. Take it to the next level, not only do the horrible stories have a much longer lasting effect, but they top the charts percentage wise. Just watch 30 minutes of the news, 80% of the breaking stories are of horrible incidents and accidents while 20% are of community coming together or generous actions. The news be it morning, evening or late night is near depressing. Even social media news, if you follow ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc….

Books… ever google what genres of books sell more? Ever pay attention to the types of books you buy, whether physical or download? Horror stories are the golden ticket, non-fiction and fiction. Same goes for movies… pain… murder.. death and revenge are the top sellers. Even music, heartbreak hits the number one spot on the billboard.

Now I’m not trying to be a giant pessimist because the heart warming stories are still alive and breathing just fine, it’sĀ just a trend that should be reversed. The horrible tales in life should be a little less and the good tales should have a much longer lasting existence along with more good in general. Although, as I sit here and type, a thought comes to mind… while the bad does indeed out weigh the good.. it does in fact make us appreciate the positive moments in life that much more. But, with the high percentage of bad, it sometimesĀ tends to make us simply shrug without emotion when another horrible event happens. A “not again” or “not surprising” my slip from one’s unshocked lips.

It does leave a giant question mark as to how the future will pan out…


One thought on “Beauty and the Brutal

  1. Bonsai says:

    I am backing away from media in general and being quite selective. Say I’m putting my head in the sand, but my head is genuinely tired from the onslaught, barrage!


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