Take it all Away

As the clock strikes 3 I begin to crash into a broken slumber, spiraling into a rare dreamland state. I see your gorgeous blurred face. I don’t know who you are or where you are, but I ponder these thoughts from time to time during daybreak. These dreams of your blur offer my aching heart peace, even though I can’t make out any specific features I can feel your kind presence. Too spread apart are our slumberous meetings, too spread out are those time where I hear your calming voice. Blurred face with a calming voice, sounds like a weird version of a horror movie.

60 second clips of what’s possible… 60 seconds clips of happiness (at least what I presume happiness feels like)… 60 seconds of believing that the very little hope I hold deep inside, hidden from all, may grow within future sunsets…

With every sunrise I awake with the purpose agenda of blocking out last night’s blurb. Distractions overloading the neon yellow hours, but no matter the strength of my powers, your blurred image comes into eyes wide open focus. Years past never allowed such thoughts nor dreams to tempt my mind. Every imaginable doubt shut up my ticker and fed the monstrous loneliness breathing in it’s core. The struggle indeed was real to get away with the murder of such doubts. It seems that a healed broken heart has decided to allow fate to tease my mind with once dead thoughts. I must admit that these revived thoughts cause an uneasiness in the same peaceful twist. Am I a touch crazy in the head for wanting that four letter word in a big bad way or is this possibly the calm before a red storm…

I have learned the lesson all too well when it comes to wanting something with every fiber of your being, just because the wanting is ever present doesn’t mean that one will get it…

These 60 second dreams of your blurred face and your calming voice is in the category of a “love/ hate” relationship. I want them to stop teasing me and in the same breath I want them to continue… perhaps I am crazy.

“I’m a space bound rocket ship and your hearts the moon and I’m aimin’ right at you… 250 thousand miles on a clear night in June and I’m aimin’ right at you…” -Eminem


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