Time Heals No Wounds…

They say that diminishing minutes has healing powers and that after however many doses one needs, any broken hearts and stabbed backs will diminish as well. I find this infamous theory to be bullshit, my apologies for my bluntness, but I feel that sugar coating certain aspect of life gets us nowhere. In fact, I believe that a sugar coated life keeps us stuck in our pasts.

Time accomplishes many tasks, including the ability to evolve and keep us humans forced to move forward as time never freezes nor rewinds. However, healing powers aren’t on the powers list for Time. Here’s my theory, I think that time merely has the power to take a painful memory and soften the blow of a fresh wound. As time continues to tick on, our wounds slowly blur into a rarely thought of stitched throwback. See, while time may have the ability to overcrowd our minds with new memories, all the while pushing the past ones into the dark back allies, physical scars are permanent reminders that never disappear.

And as for the amount of time that must pass by before a wound is blurred depends on the victim that was stabbed or broken. Everyone moves on in their own time and deals with the repercussions at their own pace. There is no pain timer set that beeps when your pain is healed and your frown flips to a smile. Anyways, that’s my time theory when it comes to “healing” wounds. Thoughts….????


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