Blurred Boulevard

15 years old… tiny 65 lb outcasted nerd… days spent blocking out sharp tongues owned by yesterdays bullies… nights spent wondering why her…

Glasses prescribed for 20/500 irises… freckle kissed face… intelligent mind that just wants to be left alone, no harm comes from her zone and in return no harm is wanted.

It’s a beautiful Thursday afternoon or at least it would have been had she been able to see her world. Fuzzy darkness is quickly fading out her surroundings and denial is stubbornly implanted into her conscience that the obvious inevitable isn’t evident. A day spent dodging verbal taunts comes to a close as she steps onto a large yellow automobile. The front seat has become her friend, quick to sit down and quick to get off. The driver greets this lonely soul with a kind “hello my dear” and with a warm smile, I assume. As the bus departs the tri-level teenager prison, she begins to breathe while surrounding white noise converses on between fellow inmates.

5 stops down… one to go before a quick dash down 3 steps lands her two homesick feet on the ground. A small group follows behind her for they get off at the same stop. What looks to a red light for the cars and a walk sign to the pedestrians blinks on… or so the tiny freak thought. Remember, her vision is not far from being completely gone. A single step off the sidewalk leads to crossing what was to be thought of as a safe crosswalk. Cars begins to swoosh by at 55 mph and horns loudly bark at the skipping heart to get out of the way. Background voices warn her to hurry along before disastrous events occur. She runs as fast as her terrified feet allow her to. Victory is caught at the opposite end of the crosswalk. Trembling the rest of the way home, she nearly tumbles a few times from sheer distraction of ringing ears and a exaggerated pounding heart.

A front door is unlocked… a backpack hung on a desk chair and a young woman is starring at an unseen reflection as tears roll down those freckle kissed cheeks. Depression’s seed is planted in broken soil as reality of a new life lived on Blurred Boulevard sets in.


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