Cursed or Blessed?

Goodnight… Sleep tight… Don’t let those bed bugs bite…

Eyelids like steel doors slam shut causing the dimmed atmosphere of my bedroom to disappear like Houdini. Darkness falls for only a moment before an alternate world comes to shaded light. This place is unknown, yet at the same time familiar. A vast scape of woods journeying down into an endless scene. A fog covered ground that seems to flicker from cool to warm like a light switch. Black velvet skies studded with multi-faceted diamonds and a glowing sphere illuminating down, casting my Peter Pan shadow to come out and play.

Terrified with a twist of intrigue, a tiny youngster assesses her surroundings and begins to take one stealth step at a time to begin perusing these Halloweentown woods. The breeze has an autumn feel to it with a snow bitten breeze that whirls by every few moments. It’s smell is crisp like a red delicious. Silent steps and studying eyes, this young brain starts to assume that she’s trapped inside her own slumbering imagination. Must be, for this can’t possibly be a dreamt memory of a place once visited before.

The investigative search continues in hopes that one of two things will happen. Either something will pop out as to clue her in to what’s going on and where she is or she’ll simply continue tip-toeing these seemingly unoccupied woods and just wake up, hopefully soon. Toe to heel… toe to heel… snap! A twig is snapped under the few pounds of her foot witch startles her fist sized heart to skip a few beats. Frozen as an ice sculpture, only her head motions like a satellite to see if anyone or anything also heard that loud ambient snap.

So far so good… oh shit, spoke too soon… a hair raising snarl echoes from the shadows that reside to the young girls right side. Pin point red eyes glare sending shivers up her spine while fluorescent white choppers gleam in the dark, causing her flesh to feel pre-punctured. Frozen she remains as the snarl heightens into a lip smacking growl. One brain sending signals to “run!” while another brain sends “dinner is served” signals. On my mark you both will go, where you two end up nobody knows. The youngster dashes off like the Flash with her new found furry enemy gaining speed behind. No GPS to navigate for the year is off and only paper maps exist at this time. Frantically running… slim muscles engulfed in flames and a small chest gripping tighter and tighter on itself, making oxygen harder and harder to enter pulsating lungs. Never needing to look back because her ears can hear every twig and leaf crunching under those four massacring paws. The growl is so close that it’s moist breath is introducing itself to her neck. Speed is starting to become lost in the lead while it’s being gained by second place. Up head a small gravel fragment imbedded itself into the ground, completely visible to a cautious eye while completely invisible to a chased eye. Toe to rock equals one crashing trip down, this poor young girl now crawling as if she’s 10 months old again, scraping elbows and knees. Her once pristine outfit now covered in dirt and sweat. Jeans ripped to shreds, exposing her bloodied knees and the elbows of her hoodie stained a deep red. Her persistence is true, for giving up the fight is never an option, so in a moment of pure insanity she stops. Like a sitting duck she stays frozen, starring down the growl that is now all up in her bubble. Nose to snout… hot breath to hot breath… one giant mouth ready to take a single bite when….

Deep breaths… cold sweat… trembling…

A moment of unawareness leads to small steps of realizing she is back in the comfort of her bedroom. A dream? A nightmare? Sleep or stay up? Too many questions, too little brain power at 4 am.


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