Soul Mates?

Do you believe that everyone has a soul mate? That one person who we’re meant to someday cross paths with… the one person who’s meant for us? They say that everyone has one, somewhere out there in this big bad world. If the soul mate theory is true then how do we know when we’ve crossed paths with them? How do we recognize that we’ve met our match? Is there possibly a sign that the universe sends to your heart? Or, perhaps it’s a feeling that jolts throughout your body. Maybe that’s the reason we humans end up with Amazonian sized butterflies that reside in our stomachs when Cupid shoots our hearts with his love potion #9 arrows. Sweaty palms and stuttering tongues…

(it’s interesting writing bout soul mates while listening to Superman by Eminem…lol)

I used to believe in the whole “soul mate” theory, however, over time my fairytale thoughts of finding such a perfect match faded more and more. I’m not saying that I don’t believe in love and everything it holds, I just don’t know how much longer I can hold onto the thought of a “soul mate”. Maybe certain people have had the privilege of meeting their soul mate and having a happily ever after. I at least like to believe that there is indeed someone for everyone. No one should live life in a lonely status, unless it happens to be a personal choice they’ve made.

I hope to someday find a genuinely good guy to have by my side and me by his. A life creating infinite memories, fighting but always making up and just having the kind of life that is a giant Kodak moment. 😉 Even if it’s not a soul mate status we hold, it’ll definitely be an invincible and everlasting love that will make us an unstoppable couple. So, what are your thoughts?

P.S. My apologies for not posting yesterday. I had decided to take a day off, much needed time to allow my mind to breathe without shoving the pressure pill down it’s preverbal throat. Sometimes one must prioritize and that’s exactly what I did yesterday. Although, the day was in no way wasted. Took the Metrolink into L.A. and toured The Broad Modern Art Museum. Then ended the day with the best burger ever!!! I’m back now, refreshed and engines revin’. 😉


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