Blank Canvas

Humans… we all begin our journeys into this life at the same starting point, as infants. Our minds just like our tiny bodies grow as the days, months and years flash by. Every piece of information that contributes to the progression of our brains is based off of the environment we’re born into. We are not brought into this beautiful life with preconceived notions of hate, racism or evils. Any and all negative notions, emotions, thoughts, ideas and words are all taught to us by those who reside around us.

We are not born with bad mannerisms already installed into our brains. We are not born in an automatic selfish mode. We were born a blank canvas, ready for our mentors to instill in us the ways of the world. While not every mentor we’re given is a positive one, we eventually grow into an adult with the amazing gift of choice. Once we hit that legal number we have a choice which side to become a team member for. We can choose to be on the Light Side and show compassion towards one another. To work together against wrongful doings and misconceptions. Or, you can choose to be on the Dark Side and allow pain, hate and evil to continue to grow.

If you happened to grow up in an hateful environment, you have a choice whether or not you continue the rest of your life in the very state of mind you were taught was acceptable. Hatred is not forced on us… no negative thought is forced on us. We make conscious decisions every time we’re about to drop a tiny pebble into life’s pond. We make a conscious choice to discriminate against lives and beliefs that we don’t find agreement with. We consciously choose to parade racism and hate. All of the hatred and murders going on in our communities these days are all decisions made by those who’ve committed the wrong doings. Nobody forced them to pull the trigger of the gun that took innocent lives. They made that choice all on their own.

What a lot of you are overlooking with all of these Policemen is this, badge or not, they are still human. Are there a lot of good people out there? Yes! Are there a lot of bad people out there? Yes! Just because there are a few rotten lemons that happen to carry a badge on them doesn’t mean that every single Policemen is rotten. 100% shouldn’t be judged based off of 10%. I don’t know about you, but personally I believe that it takes so much more energy to portray a living example of hate. I don’t have the energy, time or moments to waste on such a life sucking monster.


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