Tricky Trust

Trust… the strongest of all values we hold. To trust takes an enduring amount of personal strength. In trusting another living soul, we have brought down our walls and revealed all insecurities. Showing vulnerability and taking out our hearts from their locked cases is not concerning. These are souls that would do no harm and visa-versa. These are humans that do not play with flames such as lies and deceit. These are lips that do not cage a sharp tongue nor eyes that hide behind a curtain of betrayal. These are similar yet opposite hearts that know all about the skeletons in our closet, never judging for they have just as many skeletons of their own. These are people that poses sealed lips that don’t sink secret filled ships. Whether blood born or unrelated bond, these are people who always have your back.

With steel enforced trust comes perks of loyalty, protection and even love. However, steel isn’t rust resistant and depending on what kind of damage may have been inflicted, steel can bend to the point of snapping.

See, while trust is extremely strong, it has a weak spot and can easily be broken.

The major down side to broken trust is that it’s harder to rebuild than it was to build the first time. Sadly, broken trust is rarely ever rebuilt. Trust isn’t immune to any type of weapon. Tiny multiple hits or one giant punch, it doesn’t matter. If the weak spot is hit just right, 100’s of smashed shards is always the end result.

Sometimes warnings are sent to your brain that something isn’t quite right. Suspicious signals that your trust is about to be shot at. Then there are situations where no warnings are sent and before you know it you’re cleaning up the bloody mess. As for the rebuilding process, that’s a personal decision that only you can make. Analyze the damage and determine if their is still life in that relationship to where one day it can be restored or is everything just simply dead on arrival… just know that rebuilt or not, once trust is broken, things will never be as they were once upon a time ago.


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