Bizarro Superman… the complete opposite doppelganger of Superman. A reversed genetic duplicated  Man of Steel. This got my mind spinning, as usual…

What if we all had a Bizarro self… a revered duplicated doppelganger living somewhere in this twisted universe. What would our Bizarro selves act like?

Mine, well… if I take all of my own internal features and shift their gears into reverse then the following specimen is what would result…

Bizarro Derra – Open without regard, perfectly intact emotionally with the ability to openly express all emotions without hesitation nor complication, not the sharpest tool in the shed, humorous bone is dull and bleak at best, not very adventurous and very much an introvert. Hobbies basket is pretty much empty and lacks the conversational skill. To be honest, she’s not the life of the party. A lost shine dismisses the beauty that life exudes.  Lifeless eyes constantly looking down at the moving pavement, missing out on the morphing sunrises to sunsets. While life eludes this empty soul, the ability to have confidence around the opposite sex doesn’t seem to be problematic. Self confidence is an abundant source and any self doubts or fears seem to be unsaturated. This twin has slumber filled nights with nothing but sweet dreams kissing her sub-conscience. This doppelganger feels emotions in the shallow end of the pool.  While adorable attributes physically paint her outer shell, the inner artworks are dull, uninspiring and quite unreflective.

Ok… well I no longer feel vulnerable at the fact that I am imperfect on a 360* angle. I may not have all of the social skills required for todays standards, but I’m not lifeless.

So, what’s your Bizarro doppelganger “look” like?



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