Breaking Protocal

I dream about you all of the time. Your sweetly handsome complexion invades my slumberous thoughts, a bittersweet distraction from the usual torment that eludes my elusive zzzz’s. Your understanding eyes seek out my pain and make it difficult to hide behind my titanium fortress of invisibility. Closed off is a life I have not only become accustomed to, but have mastered. The mere unofficial presence of your shadow makes my vulnerability accessible, causing my mind to ponder about you during the sunrays.

Just a dream is what this is, but questionability seems to have snuck it’s way into my daily schedule. Concentration broken here and there, placing me in a state of mind that I locked away long ago. Days are to be compiled of thoughts being transformed into future works that hopefully one day will become published work. Brain capacity is at it’s max, no room available for bittersweet happiness that, well let’s face it, won’t be found.

While I welcome the distraction of your light interrupting my darkness as I shut my hazels for a few hours of peace before the sun wakes, I can’t afford your smile to evade my tasks at hand. If I was sent some hard evidence that this was more than a lonely heart dreaming then perhaps I’d allow my brainwaves to play this mysterious hand. Proof, I have none. So for now, a dream you must stay. If I may have a moment of crazy honesty, I wish upon a stitch of mine that you are real and that one day our paths would cross. That one day I would have the chance to meet the man behind my misplaced smirk.


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