Ticking Time Bomb

If science advancements were able to pin point the exact moment that you would die, would you want to know?

This thought popped into my head while watching “In Time”, a movie based on the theory of paying for life’s materials with our alotted time instead of currency. Future payment exchanges with the hours, minutes and seconds of one’s life. Your life’s clock digitally stamped on your wrist, visible 24/7. Countries populated with ticking time bombs. I guess it would definitely make the shop-aholics of the world think twice before swiping, especially if your not born of rich blood.

Damn, to constantly watch the seconds of your life tick away every time your flesh barcode is scanned, literally.

Back to my original thought bubble… would you want to know the exact moment that your last breath would exhale from your chest. The exact second that your red stained ticker would tick it’s last tock.. I know, it’s a heavy and deep thought to ponder at 11:30 at night. Personally, I wouldn’t want to know because I know myself and 100% of my attention would be solely presented on my life’s countdown clock. Resting in peace would be the only thought that all of my concentration would be awarded to. I have too many dreams that I’m in the process of breathing life into. I have too many unthought of ideas to create. I am too preoccupied with engraving my mark on this spinning sphere that I reside on. Being born with a rare genetic disorder implants death’s essence in my mind enough as it is. Grim reaper’s shadow has been filed in the back allies of my over crowded mind so that I can live life fearlessly. These hazel eyes of mine would be glued to Big Ben otherwise.

I’m sure some Curious Georges out there would be checking “yes” on their ballets, but this curious little monkey checks “no”. I am curious though, what box would all of you out there in the big bad world check?


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