My People?

“You’re not our kind. Go hang out with your own people.” This comment was never one I preferred hearing. I was told this a time or two during my teenage years, labeled a misfit and told I didn’t belong. The reason I never liked that comment was because it’s confusing. Who are my people? Now, I’m in no way naïve to the answer. I know that I was the freak who was told to go hang with my fellow freaks, but I’m go to place this comment on the operating table and dissect it.

My people… ok, well lets add up a tally of everything that “I am”…

I am a 31 year old white female who resides in SoCal. My practiced religion is Christianity. Chosen career is a writer and blogger. Hobbies include cooking, coffee addict, blogging, dancing, art, music, books and video games. Holiday season is when I shine extra bright. Travel destinations list is endless for my love of different cultures, food, fashion, art and architecture has no bounds. Scorpio born misfit who’s closed off yet vulnerably open. Movie buff and TV show lover at night while other minds rest upon their pillows. Calmly collected on the outside while quivocation and self doubt spin inside. Introverted vs. Extroverted life lived daily. Origins marked as German and Norwegian make up my biological makeup. Hazel eyes that feel deeply from the world they’ve soaked in over the years, freckles speckled about and Brunette colored hair short and sassy. Ears that vibrate Hip Hop, Rock, Punk, Pop, etc. Stormy Days filled with thunderous skies are my favorite. Days morphing into beach filled nights are my therapy. Family and friends are the V.I.P. squad that have access to my most inner workings. Millennial generated back in November of 1984. Wisdom centered soul, golden scarred heart stitched in persistence and an invincible outer amour built to withstand the negative vibes of outside static. Trust is hard to accept while love is secretly believed in. Dreams constantly battling Nightmares is my mind’s motto.

So, based off of all the data I have inputted, who exactly are my people? Because according to my results, people are my people. Huh, what a concept.



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