Automatic Overdrive

Up until about ten minutes ago I had no idea what Tonight’s blog topic would be about. I knew that I had to think of something, missing a day with the mission that I’ve set upon would mean that I had failed. Not an option.. the thought of not knowing what to type about led to the thought that I feel like I always have to be “on”, which can be exhausting. This tiresome thought bubble consequently turned on a light bulb.

Are you someone who feels as though you have to always be “On”… whether it’s for your family, friends, career and everything else that’s iced into your life?

I do…. and if I may honestly vent for a moment, there are times when I jokingly tell people that I’m going to become incognito for two weeks. You wont know where I am, but for two weeks I will be hidden and unplugged. The joking tone has underlying seriousness.

I love a girls weekend… family trips… spending my free time with my squad, but there are times where I just want to have a solo dose in my Fortress of Solitude. Time with just me, myself and I. Time to recoup, relax and regroup. Time to gather my thoughts and focus on what I need, instead of what everyone’s else’s needs.

Hell, I’m going to upgrade the level of honesty and say that once in a while I even need a private moment to scream or cry out all of the feelings that I tend to burry. A moment where I can place down my guard without the vulnerability card being played.

Once in a while I just want, even need, to be “off”.  Do you ever feel like that?



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