Lyrical Grenade

Perusing your Facebook can result in coming across your past in ways you long let go of. Spontaneous grins crack… Combustible laughter pains our sides… Or, sorrowful sys slip from our lips… Crystal tears drip from our saddened ducts… an article, a status or a posted photo/ videos can create a swirl of unprepared emotions.

Two days ago I came across a post from the Say page, my eyes were automatically drawn to it’s presence. A videos that showed 5 second clips of about 25 bands singing one of their hits. This particular video was captioned with the following, “You know you were an Emo kid if you listened to these songs/ bands.” Before I paid two cents worth of attention to said caption, the remaining eight cents was paid towards the bands and songs. My head began to bob up and down in a punk rock style while my voice coincided with the lyrics.

Green Day.. AFI.. Staind.. Yellowcard.. My Chemical Romance.. Good Charolette.. Blink 182.. Dashboard Confessionals.. Linkin Park.. Taking Back Sunday.. The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus.. Thirty Seconds to Mars.. Puddle of Mudd.. Simple Plan.. Papa Roach.. Seether

Once upon a time ago these songs did in fact aid in numbing pain that infiltrated my damaged heart. Years had blurred on and with every vanishing month new music pushed these lyrical memories further and further down the playlist. Catching a glimpse of the video via Facebook brought back a feeling that hadn’t been heard from since 2010. Now as for the whole “Emo” attachment, I was not in this category growing up… at least I don’t think I was. Deepened black eyeliner did not encompass my hazel irises and a black only wardrobe did not clothe my skinny body. However, just because I didn’t publicly appear to look Emo doesn’t mean I wasn’t internally one.

Emo, in my opinion, is just another label created to make deep thinkers of each generation feel unwanted. I also believe that there are times where we feel as though we should start promoting the label society has stapled on our foreheads. We listen to certain genres of music.. labeled. We read certain eras of books… labeled. We dress in a certain fashion period… labeled.

Yes, I wore hoodies all of the time as a teen and guess what.. I still do. Yes, headphones were practically super-glued to my ears, especially when I wanted to block out the cruel world I lived in… I still do. Yes, I constantly felt like an misunderstood outsider in high school which resulted to becoming an introverted teen. These days I’m just your basic adorable misfit annoying the shit out of all you labelers. 😉

Music is a time travel machine and two days ago I transported myself back to a time where hell invaded my heaven. The teenaged pain has long been murdered… I just rocked out with some old peeps. Rock on Dude!! 😉

Punk Rock mood board



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