Side Mirror Wisdom

Peugeot-206-manual-electric-Side-Mirror-Car-MirrorMirror… Mirror on that white washed wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Honestly, I would rather not know the answer to this infamous question. My Sarcasm and Wit are monsters unleashed, their answer is a smartass announcement I can already hear. Although, a thought has occurred that it may be interesting if said mirror was used more of a warning sign instead of an ego feeder.

What would it be like if we all had a magical reflection that could gives us a tiny glimpse down both sides of the dividing fork or which pebble would create the more positive ripple effect. It’s not complete answers I’m searching for, just a bite of advice as to whether or not the current decision that lays on the table will cause a repeating of history or cause an adventurous move forward.

Fate is not something to play with, this I know. Our futures are already mapped out, keeping in mind that maps have endless routes and roads that can be traveled down. It’s our decision selection process that determines what type of road trip we’ll have. Some may be short or lengthy. Some may be a summer breeze or a disastrous tornado. I believe that we all get to the finish line that’s spray painted with our names above it, how we get there is a giant question mark.

Let’s quickly transform that original mirror into the side mirror on life’s Mustang. There, now it’s always available when advice is needed.  Hmmm, its all just another thought swimmin’ through this mind of mine. Thoughts?


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