The Forehead Kiss

The kiss… one of the most powerful forces that communicates love towards one another. This forces has three different levels of influences…

The Cheek Kiss… this kiss is a sign of friendship. This level displays the loving admiration you have for certain people in your life. A kiss upon the cheek when saying Hello or Goodbye to a friend or family member. The most casual kiss. Even a kiss to the cheek of your love is important, for it shows them that not only are you in love with them, but you also consider them your best friend.

The Lips Kiss… this is the one kiss that only your Boo has access to. This is the V.I.P. of kisses. This level resembles the passion and intimacy couples have for one another. An unspoken bond between two hearts. An invisible fire sparking between two souls. This kiss is responsible for the residence of butterflies in a nervous stomach. The reason why hearts skip a beat while pumping a floating feeling throughout the body. This kiss is why knees become weak.

And then there’s…

The Forehead Kiss… now this kiss is the “Golden” level, for this kiss has the power of protectiveness. A respectful kiss that silently reassures saddened eyes that all is ok. “Your safe with me, I have your back , I’ll fix everything… I’ll protect you.” This is how parents show their kids that bumps and bruises will occur throughout life, but they’ll always be there for them. It’s how loved ones send the same message to their loves. The Forehead Kiss is the foundation of relationships.



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