Society Armageddon

People… You have a problem. No it’s not a miniature sized problem, it’s a huge problem. A problem that has thrived and grown into quite a contagious epidemic. People, we have come down with Cell Phone Fever and as of right now it seems to be incurable. Symptoms include, well, being ignorant to your surroundings due to the fact that your eyes are super-glued to the brightly LED screen of your cell.

It seems that every time I walk outside my front door everyone’s heads are tilted in a depressed angel as they obliviously disengage from the 360* spinning world. Some even play real life Frogger as they talently dodge shopping carts at Target, cars on Americana Way and even one another at Starbucks. Preoccupied with how many likes our pics procured on Instagram or how many retweets our tweet got on Twitter seems to have a higher percentage of priority over actually engaging in conversations with the friends/ family we’re at dinner with. I was having a wonderful dinner with my parents last week at Panera, catching up on life’s events and chatting about what’s what, you know, listening and responding.. not only spending time with one another, but paying attention as well. I happened to glance over at a table where a family of four was having dinner. Parents and two kids, the kids must have been about 5 and 7 years of age. The parents were simultaneously on their phones, completely ignoring their kids. What ever happened to having a family dinner and discussing how everyone’s day was, interacting with your kids. Has this tradition just been completely murdered? Doctors couldn’t even shock life into this, they must have pronounced this D.O.A. It’s not just families, I’ve even seen couples out on date night doing the same thing. Now that’s a hot date… with your cell. 😉

I recently saw a photo montage where the photographer, Eric Pickersgill, took shots of people on the cell phones then edited out the cells from their hands. This eye opening project depicts how attached people are to their tech toys. I have posted it on my Facebook if you haven’t seen it. It’s entitled “Removed”.  Powerful is the single most effective word I can think of to describe it. Although, sad comes to mind as well. Both I suppose. Families, friends, neighbors… everyday life fast forwarding while we’re missing out. News flash, life doesn’t posses a Rewind button. Second news flash, life exists beyond that glowing screen.

We’re all guilty of portraying moths, being powerlessly drawn to the bright light, but if you don’t start resisting, you’ll end up getting zapped. 😉

Put down the phone and enjoy life. It’s pretty awesome. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to reunite with your precious toy, like while waiting at airports for example. 😉

“try to hold on and prolong these moments, ’cause in the blink of an eye they’ll be over…” -Eminem… Kings Never Die


“Removed” by Eric Pickersgill

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