Santa Monica Therapy

Warm sand scrunching between your toes… cool white foam lined waves crashing on the current… hot Vitamin-D rays beaming down from a clear blue universe… floating sphere of fire setting as a glowing luminosity rises… crackling pit of flames sparking into the darkness while genuine conversations fill the breeze over cold coronas…

We all need that one place where we can truly unwind and unplug from the daily madness that adds to our everlasting insomnia. A place where every worry, fear, doubt and concern slips into a coma. A place where technology isn’t allowed to be super-glued to our hands and eyes.

We all need that unscheduled time where the only responsibilities to be accounted for are laughter from inside jokes amongst family and friends… creating memories to add to our lanes… one too many over stuffed s’mores being inhaled… walks along the waves indulging in the beautiful scenery of endless ocean… becoming mesmerized by the faceted ombre  sunset painted on Mother Nature’s canvas…

What I just described to you is my sanctuary. Dull or boring are never scheduled on my calendar, but days of escaping are. Beach… this one syllable word is my morphine that numbs the chaos of the constant insanity that my mind is shifted into. I have no worries when sand and ocean are in the presence of my eyes. I feel like myself instead of the version that’s expected. This is the one place where I can just be.

Where’ your sanctuary?



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