Lose Yourself

Warning… the following blog post may cause you to stare at your pixilated reflection differently. Side effects include non recognition of one’s self, disillusion towards your surroundings and static filled memories as to how you became the very stranger that’s starring back at you.

This society brainwashes us into believing that in order to find acceptance amongst our fellow humans we must slowly start to replace our traits and personality with the outsiders. Bit by bit we dismember ourselves morphing into Pleasantville clones. Freshly dressed and pressed copy n’ pasted robots. In this insane process we are fed the thought that in this bleak life we will find happiness.

“you are what you love, not who loves you…” – FOB

The original you has now been deleted from the database. Stuck in this twilight zone at all costs. The point of no return seems to be the end of the story… it’s not. Luckily there is a back alley escape that’s unknown to the cloned eye. Your reflection. In order to unrecognize your stepford self and regain your individual sanity you must brake the double-sided mirror. Taking it one step at a time by reintroducing those tees and jeans you love… feeding your soul with that punk rock genre that makes your body involuntarily move… getting lost in the lives of the characters from those books you hold sacred. Once you have installed your original software into your mind, your heart will reboot and that distorted pixilation image glued in the broken piece of glass that lay smashed in the woodgrain will be swept away.

Now this process may cause one hell of a dizzying headache, so take two aspirin, get some rest and then call me in the morning. You’ll be just fine sweetie. 😉 If you must lose yourself, then may I suggest that you lose yourself in the beauty that is your life and the people that love you for you. Lose yourself in the breathtaking scenery that mother nature provides us 24/7 or in the delectable smells that hit your nose as you walk into bakeries and restaurants. Lose yourself in the career you’ve made, the dreams that you bring to life. Lose yourself in game night with friends, in sleepless nights spent having deep conversations with the one you love. Lose yourself in the true reflection of you.

“I’m a loose bolt of a complete machine, what a match I’m half doomed and gold semi sweet…” -FOB



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