Graffiti in Death Valley

Dear Hubby,

So this is your future wifey writing you a letter, thought maybe you’d like to now a bit about myself. Obviously we haven’t met yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know me. Ok, so let’s dive right into this craziness! 😉

So, I’m going to jump right into my idiosyncrasies, or flaws I guess. Uh, well there’s the first weird fact about myself, as a writer I like to use words that aren’t normally spoken on a daily basis and I also like to twist words. That’s one of the beauties about writing, playing with words and seeing how many different ways you can manipulate them. I have a thing for words, manly due to the fact that I sometimes have difficulty verbally expressing certain emotions. You will more than likely be much better at that than I. It’s not that I don’t know how to express those emotions (sadness, anger) I just happen to have a glitch that prevents a smooth transition from thought to verbalization. Imagine someone who is learning to speak English, yeah it’s kinda like that. Which leads me to another fun fact, I am pretty closed off. Not to everyone, just towards those who aren’t part of my squad. It takes a bit for me to trust outsiders. I’ve always gone by my golden rule that trust is earned not just handed out like candy on Halloween. Once we get to know one another I will start to open up, I promise. Writing has also helped me in that area. I suppose that I am one of those humans that speak louder in my silence or through my eyes.

I am very independent, which has always been a bittersweet aspect of mine. While I’m not needy, I posses a slim yet empowered stubborn streak. Asking for help is pretty much labeled as plan “ZZ” (I imagine that this would be that letter that comes after Z) I don’t get stressed very often, however, when I do you’ll know. Headphones with either rock or rap blasting and a hoodie blocking out the world means stay away. One or the other is safe, both together equal “Enter at your own Risk”. 😉 There is really only one lie that I keep in my back pocket and pull out when needed, “I’m fine”. If you ask “Are you ok?” and I respond with “I’m fine”, I’m lying my ass off. Any other answer is 100% honest. I have a tendency to get inside my own head when I’m stressed, it’s not a feature I like about myself, but there it is. Hmmm, I think that’s about it for my flaws, well the ones I can think of at the moment anyways. Oh crap, sleep and I are not on the best of terms. I am an insomniac, but you’d never know it had I not told you. I’m like a ninja with stealth like quietness. I sneak softly and tread lightly so you’ll still be able to get your beauty sleep.

Now for a dose of awesomeness. I love to cook; whether I’m following a recipe, cooking dishes I grew up on or just Iron Chefing it.. delicious food is made. Oh, be prepared, music and me dancing in the kitchen while I cook goes down every time. I’m a bookworm, my nirvana is perusing a bookstore while sipping on a latte. You will have to drag me out, seriously, no joke. 😉 Movies? Absolutely! Comedy, action, romantic, horror… I love them all. Video games, board games, dancing, art (drawing, painting, etc.) I like to keep busy. While I enjoy the outside world of traveling, concerts, museums, days/nights spent at the beach, spending time with family and friends.. I also enjoy those times where I stay in and unplug. I guess you could categorize me as both an extrovert & introvert. I’m also down for new experiences and adventures that I’ve never done. Making memories and snapping photos. Smile! 🙂

Basic info? Well, I’m 5’6″ish… Brunette with blonde highlights… hazel eyes… I’m fun sized. 😉 I am an aspiring writer that manages a blog called Genuinely Derra and I have a book in the works with a publishing agency in London. Currently I am working on another manuscript and other pieces.

On a personal note, I was born with a rare disorder called Epidermolysis Bulosa, EB. As much as I wish I didn’t have to mention it, I must due to the fact that there is a  physical aspect to my disorder. My hands look like fists. I want to state now that I am not looking for you to take care of me, I have my shit handled. EB is a small part of my life, it always will be, I can’t make it vanish which I love/ hate. It is in no way a part of who I am though. Derra is not EB and EB is not Derra. It took me a while, but I have made EB my bitch. It knows its place. It doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do or living my life. In a way! I’m thankful for it’s presence, this curse has grounded me, made my levels of empathy deeper, traits of judgment are not instilled in my brain and it causes me to constantly push myself to achieve my dreams (sometimes even past the brink, don’t worry though).

Life as a misfit has its pros and cons, much like anything in life. Pro, life is definitely not in any way boring or dull. I’ve been told that I’m a pretty interesting person (I don’t see it, but I won’t disagree). Con, I know that physical appearance is the first section of the test that I need to pass before moving forward. Only then does my personality, intelligence or any other traits come into mattering. Can I just say, That Sucks! Ok I’m good, just needed to get that out.

I may not be the drop dead gorgeous, beautifully breathtaking or sexy chica in the room, but I am frickin’ adorable! 😉 Think of me as an intelligent witty humorous sarcastic creative evil genius smartass… yes, that’s all one awesome title. I’m like a cool graffiti piece of artwork, darkly shaded on the outside, but vibrantly colorful on the inside.

“I’ll be your favorite drug… we are alive here in death valley, but don’t take love off the table yet..” -Fall Out Boy

I will love you deeper than you’ll ever know… I’ll support you with every dream and goal you have for yourself… I’ll always have your back… I’ll take care of you when your sick… I’ll always find a way to make that frown of yours crack a grin… I’ll sit and listen to every thought you have to say… I’ll sit in the silence you want and supply my wisdom if needed… I’ll be your safe place, your home… I’ll never lie, cheat or make you feel unimportant or unwanted… I’ll be your Superwoman ❤

“I don’t have the right name or the right looks, but I’ve got twice the heart…I know I’m bad news, I saved it all for you…” – Fall Out Boy

Until our paths cross…  Love you to the moon and back ❤

Xoxo , Boo

P.S. there’s a few things I left out of this letter, figured I’d keep some info classified until we, you know, actually meet. 😉 The place I’m at now…listen to Space Bound by Eminem.



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