Road Trippin’ in a Mustang

Decisions… life altering ninjas that constantly change the course our lives take. The moment we become accustomed to the scenery we’re gazing upon outside the window, our lives shift into full force gear, driftingĀ onto an unauthorized road.Ā Ā Roads maps, Google maps and any other GPS systems are disposed of as fate drives us furiously into the exhilaratingly unknown. We think that we have complete control over our decisions, but do we really? Sitting behind the wheel of that gorgeous jet black Mustang at the intersection of Pleasantville Rd. and Toretto Ln., the engine revs up as the break is unlocked and…. what do you do? Do you turn left, cruise down a perfectly organized life? (Boring!!) Or, do you turn right,Ā detouring to an excitement filled life of adventures?

What thought process happens in that chaotic mind of yours? How do we end up deciding whether to turn right or left? I know people who are “planners’. You know, the ones that take time to make strategically smart decisions, possibly even sit there at the light and create a “Pros n’ Cons” list before turning. I know people who base the direction of their road trip on where everyone else is heading. It’s pretty much a life of playing “follow the Leader”. Which if you ask me, only leads you to missing out. I even know people who have a “why not” outlook on life’s decisions, a roll of the dice decides. Some may say that that’s not a thought process at all, but it truly is. It doesn’t matter how you light or hard you press on the gas pedal. A road trip is a trip 360*, it’s how your travel the journey.

The thought process itself amazes my mind, how we decide on how we decide. It made sense, trust me. šŸ˜‰ For me, I like toĀ envision my 87 year old self, sitting on the front porch sipping a peach iced tea and conversating with my hubby. Reminiscing down memory lane. The memory lane I will mentally travel down, is it filled with decisions that will make future me smile or will my future me talk of regrets… should of, could of, would of.

I’d like to think that so far future me is smiling at the current road that the present me is traveling down. Windows down, tunes blasting and nothing, but unknown awesomeness. I am one who doesn’t prefer to linger on regrets, but I am known to ponder what might have been had I made that right turn instead. Just my curious George roaming every aspect of life. šŸ˜‰ Honestly, imagine how many roads a single life has and will travel down. Now imagine how many roads a single life passes by. A single life has 50 different versions at the starting line. How we end up getting to the finish line is insane!


One thought on “Road Trippin’ in a Mustang

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