Frienemies for Life

Demons… we all have them, well most of us at least. I believe that our demons are the cemented link to our past broken memories. Locked away behind that steel door, stirring and mischievously smiling awaiting until an event in our lives creates us to reminisce down their shadowy road. Demons are tricky creatures, if their not handled properly they will run a muck, causing disastrous unwanted chaos.

I have learned the trick to masterminding those soul sucking ghosts, manipulation. See, as a writer there are times where I use my demons purely as a tool to inspire whatever creation I’m bringing life to. Over the years I have learned how to unlock that steel door, pump whatever memories I need out and then get out, locking it up behind me before any escape artists decided to get clever. I’ll admit that this isn’t always a clean cut mission, there have been a time or two where I have found myself caught on the wrong side of the door, trapped inside my head treading in my thoughts. Not sure how, but something always pulled me out before re-drowning. I’m sure some of you may think to yourselves, “Why use your demons as a tool for your craft if it may end up pushing you back down the tunnel?” Demons are intricate forms, shape-shifters if you will. While they feed off of one’s pain, whether past or present, they exhale lessons. Demons are reminders of misery, a self warning sign to “Do Not Enter” again. Rabbit holes jumped down, looking glasses walked through and bottoms of rocky tunnels hit. Places you may have visited once upon a time ago, but wicked fairy tales that don’t need to be read more than once.

I don’t know about you, but my demons make me grateful for my angels. I wouldn’t have one without the other, as odd as it may sound. Well, actually it’s not all that odd because life is a messy balance of angels and demons. Times of darkness make us humbled for the times of light. I think a lot of artists use their demons as a tool, just as I do. No matter what your artistic craft may be.  Your demons are what you make of them. You ultimately hold the decision on who pulls the strings.

“Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside, it’s where my demons hide…” – Imagine Dragons


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