Tilted Halo

Sunrise… birds chirping… the sweet aroma of freshly brewing Vanilla coffee flowing down the hallway… banana pancakes sizzling on a hot griddle. Dressed in your Sunday best for a Churched filled morning with the family. Gospel and hearing the good word of the Lord. After service, conversations with fellow worshipers.

I don’t know what religion you practice or what Church/ Temple you worship at but, I believe that it does matter. We all have the equal right to decide what religion we practice. These days the word “religion” seems to spoken in hush tones. Somewhere along the way we have allowed ourselves to think that it’s alright to judge each other based on what religion we practice. Noses snub, whispered knives stabbed into innocent backs and evil eyes glaring in disapproval. This beautifully chaotic country is prided on being a melting pot. A country where equality of opportunity, dreams, religion and life is celebrated.

Fact: did you know that Christianity is known to be the most hypocritical religion. The word alone has judgment attached to it, at least it does these days. A religion where grace, humility, patience and understanding is practiced. Well, supposedly. Now I’m going to admit to you right now that I don’t attend church every Sunday. Times of my lips spilling swear words happens, my eyes set themselves upon movies of the “R” rating and my ears vibrate from the lyrical world of Rap. These facts alone will invite other Christians to feel that they have the right to judge me with their one-sided opinions and perhaps even say that I am not a “real” Christian. Yet my mind has soaked in the stained actions of fellow Christians. Do I call them out to make them feel like the size of a mouse before my presence? No, absolutely not. Why not? I mean come on, that’s what we do these days, make ourselves out to be pristine diamonds while we judge those who are clouded diamonds. When in actuality, we are all clouded diamonds, every single one of us. Don’t call me out on every tiny mistake I make like your some perfect soul. Especially when you make the same mistakes if not worse. I sin, so do you. Hypocritical… how does that 12 letter label make you feel? Whatever happen to being on the same level? Get off the almighty pedestal you’ve placed yourself upon, the thin air is diluting your brain. Need help? Here, I’ll knock you down off of it.

Again I say, I don’t care what religion you practice or don’t practice. I don’t care what Church or Temple you worship at. I will never judge you and in return you have no right to judge others. The only one who holds the right to judge in the end is the God you follow. Just because you sit in a pew on Sunday doesn’t make you a respectable person. Think before you spit your word vomit. My mistakes and sins make me human. My apologies and lessons learned keep my heart humbled. Above my head floats a glowing tilted halo.


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