Daddy’s Girl

Sunday, a day where some of us take advantage of those 24 hours to relax, laze about and get ready for the upcoming week ahead. Some attend church and spend time with family and friends. My favoriteĀ tradition is Sunday night dinners with the family. IĀ absolutely love that tradition of a family gathering around the table sharing good food and good conversation in one another’s company. One Sunday a year we take the time to show extra special appreciation to all of the Father’s around the world.

This Sunday is Father’s Day and I want to start this blog off by thanking all of the Dads out there for being amazingĀ Father’s.Ā Biological, Step or Single… no matter what label is placed in front of your title of Dad, you are your kids superheroes.


IĀ know that my Dad won’t see this but, that’s ok ’cause I’ll writeĀ something sappy yet humorous in his Father’s day cardĀ šŸ˜‰ . My Dad, Keith, isn’t my biological father but, you’d never know itĀ when in the presence of our company. He met my Mom when I was about a year and a half. Two years later they were married. After I turned 6 years old he was able to adopt me and it’s been Daddy and Derra, the two trouble makers, ever since. Anytime he and I get together and go out for a meal or shopping everyone thinks that I look like him. Which turned into our inside joke. šŸ™‚ My love for Marvel/ DC Comic movies, video games, football (love for the Giants and Lions), hockey (love for the Kings and Wings), horror movies and Reese’s is all due to my Dad.

He was there for school plays, award ceremonies, surgeries, first heartbreak and was my strong shoulder to cry on when I lost my vision. He has always had a very strong work ethic and as much as he was there as my siblings and I grew up, he also missed out onĀ a lot. There were times when I was upset that he missed out on some important events, however, he worked his ass off because he wanted to provide for his family and make sure that his kids had the things in life that he didn’t. I have to say that the Sabo Kids had everything they needed and wanted. We each had our own rooms filled with furniture, computers/laptops, stereos, closets and dressers full of clothes and more shoes than any kid really needs. Our house had a game room that had a TV, video game system, air hockey table, mini fridge, etc. . Summers spent hanging in the back yard around the BBQ island, swimming in the pool, jumping on the trampoline and monkeying around on the Fort Jungle Gym. Trips to the beach, mountains, camping, movies, Broadway shows, Mexican Riviera cruise, Grand Canyon, Las VegasĀ and everything else.


My Dad gave his everything to give us every opportunity in life. Always supporting our dreams and no matter how many times we frustrated him from fighting or pulling pranks on one another, his love always was and still is unconditional. When your Dad comes home from work, walks into the kitchen and sees his daughters scooping out bubbles from the dishwasher and just smiles while laughing or buys everyone water guns and starts a weekend long water gun war while Mom’s out of town. When your Dad makes you apple cinnamon pancakes on Saturday mornings and watches Pinky and The Brain with you (he even sang the theme song to it). When your Dad lets you stay up late on your 12th birthday to watch your first creepy movie (Silence of the Lambs) or is sitting next to you ready for the new Avengers movie to start… yeah Dad, you rock!

30 years ago when you found out that the woman you were dating had a 1 1/2 year old daughter who was born with a rare disorder, you could have run the other way. You didn’t. You’ve been there for me since the first day mom introduced us. Thank you seems like two insignificant words…Ā  I Love You Dad and you will always be my D-A-D-D-Y! ā¤

Happy Father’s Day ā¤


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