Rotten Lemons

When life hands us lemons we make lemonade, right? Well riddle me this Batman, what do we do when a constant stream of negative vibes has poisoned those lemons. Certainly we can’t make toxic lemonade, there’s not enough sugar in the world that can mask that bitter taste. These days life seems to be sneakily placing sporadic rotten lemons in my batch of deliciously tart lemons.

These rotten lemons are masquerading as bitter fruit but, at the stroke of midnight their true identity is revealed… Negativity. Now I know that negativity surrounds this world, I’m not naïve or ignorant to it’s presence and usually I’m pretty good at not allowing it’s black vibes to influence  or effect my attitude or outlook. Anytime I have found that negativity is getting to the point of becoming overwhelming consuming, I navigate the direction in which it’s traveling from and once the source is found, destroy it. Study after study has shown that the world is created on a positive & negative balance, meaning that every yin has it’s yang. While certain negative vibes are healthy for us to encounter (anger, sadness, stress, etc.) too high a dose or enduring these emotions for too long can be quite unhealthy. For every laugh laughed a minute is added to one’s lifespan, for every stressful or angered tear shed a minute is deducted from one’s lifespan. I believe this to be true.

This current negative vibe is starting to do some serious damage, so much so that anytime I’m within its zone, my attitude flips like a switch. The source has already been identified, I just find myself at a crossroads. Do I engage and destroy or do I try to keep ignoring it by just telling myself it’s no big deal? I’m sure by now you’re probably ready to slap me upside the head for all of the mysterious half information but, remember from my previous blogs, I am a closed off person. :p Plus, I highly doubt that the person I’m frustrated with will ever read this but, as I’ve learned in the past, the second one gets cocky everything turns to shit.

I think that everyone has at least one person in their life who is a “Negative Nancy” so to say. My person usually isn’t like that though and perhaps that’s what’s throwing me off. Everyone has a bad day or gets so frustrated that they just want to vent. Shoot, everyone has those days where once in a while a good bitch fit is what goes down. This person though has changed, not in a Hulk type way, more like a tiny rock that over time has created longer lasting ripples. The situation is sensitive, like a time bomb. I don’t want to set it off but, I also don’t know how much longer I can keep ignoring it until I go “Boom!” Looks like I have once again found myself caught between a rock and a crazy place. Ever been there? Don’t lie 😉 .

I guess this where I will end this blog. I am so stressed and exhausted that at this point my only goal is to make sure that this blog makes sense. 😉 This is what I do though, it’s what I needed. When in doubt, write it out.

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤



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