Fact or Crap?

Question… How many of you beautiful people out there read Tabloids? You know, those newspaper magazines that somehow always seem to catch our eyes and briefly grab our attention while we’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Are you someone who quickly glances at the cover stories or are you someone who picks one up and peruses through? Be honest, no judgment here, just my Curious George mind wondering. 😉

I am someone who glances at the cover of those rubbish newspapers from time to time. Honestly though, it’s hard not to. The creators of tabloids draw you in with bright, bold headlines and the most offensive photos of whoever they decided to smash on the cover. Ever notice that. Every famous actor/ actress, politician or journalist that has their face plastered on the cover either looks extremely haggard or half dead (like they just walked off the set of The Walking Dead). But, that’s their dirty little secret. That’s how they draw you in, like a moth to a bright orange flame. Exaggerating the dramatizations.

Do you believe what you read in those tabloids? Personally, I do not. I never have. Anytime my eyes glance over the cover of those it’s purely for entertaining myself while I wait my turn to pay for my items. No longer is junk given from tabloids, with the beautiful thing called the internet, there are thousands of tabloid sites as well. Anytime a huge story breaks out, these sites will come up with whatever junk looks appetizing. All they’re after is clicks to their sites, shares of their crap and followers that they can keep feeding. And this works, especially those who truly believe that, “as long as it’s on the internet, it’s true”. I hate to brake it to you guys but, that’s false. The internet lies, a lot. Especially if you don’t double if not triple check your facts and if you’re not looking up information on legitimate sites.

Anytime a breaking topic or news article catches my attention I look to see who posted the source, i.e. ABC News, CNBC, CNN, LA Times, NY Times, GMA, CBS News…etc. Major broadcasting sites and social media pages are going to give 100% up to date honest information. Shit, I believe E! News, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, etc. over any tabloid. Anyone who asks me my opinion about technology receives the same answer, “I love technology but, it’s extremely bittersweet.” Just like everything else in this world, Pros and Cons too exist with the internet. While it is a vast and endless source of information accessible at our fingertips, we have tendencies to believe everything we read. We believe in all of the hoax videos or articles we watch/ read and as I mentioned earlier, don’t always check to make sure that we’re clicking on legitimate sites. We all get sucked into rumors and bullshit from time to time, it happens. The question is, do you believe everything you read and do you actually pay attention to what you’re reading? Is it a fact or is it just entertaining crap?

“The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you can never know if they are genuine.” -Abraham Lincoln



One thought on “Fact or Crap?

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