Sunday morning.. 9 am… “I am phenomenal” starts playing as my alarm. Still half asleep, I gather enough energy to get out of my comfy bed (that I could have stayed in all day, honesty at it’s best 😉 ) and head to awaken  in a nice hot shower. Dressed, iced latte in hand and a fresh warm cinnamon roll awaiting at the kitchen table. I grab my phone and while enjoying a deliciously lazy Sunday with all of the perks I begin my morning ritual of checking everything. I begin with reading/ responding to my texts and e-mails, then proceed to leisurely peruse Instagram to see what adorable pics my peeps have posted and any inspiring quotes that scream “repost”. Lastly, I go through all my notifications via Twitter and Facebook. Now after seeing what’s what and who’s up to no good 😉 I start up a Spotify playlist and just enjoy time with the family, friends or even some “me” time. Today… today was different. Before closing out my Facebook app I happened to notice a headline from Fox News that read, “Orlando Massacre”. So obviously I clicked on the link to check out what happened.

Reading further and further into the article my eyes began to grow wider and wider. My left hand scrolling the cell screen while my right hand covered my shocked mouth. “50 dead and 53 wounded”, broke my heart. “Man claiming to be a member of ISIS shot a Gay Club up” angered my mind. In less than a year several ISIS attacks have shaken our lives. From Paris to San Bernardino, CA. To Belgium and now Orlando, FL. Heartless monsters with a mission to terrorize the world. Why? To what end? These monsters claim that they do it in the name of their God. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to choose another excuse because no God in any religion wants their followers to harm one another. You are using your God as a scapegoat. Masquerading around with your heavy military grade artillery murdering the innocent and snatching the contentment from our countries.

Here and now I want to state two facts. Firstly, we as a human race are born with an endless endurance and strength. Just when you think you have us beat, we stand together and rise. You will never destroy our homes, our countries or our will to fight back. Love… Honor… Bravery… Courage. Four foundations that always trump in the end. Secondly, as strong as we are, this world is like a plane plummeting vastly from the heavens. If the spiraling speed maintains, the end result is a crash and burn like you’ve never seen. This amazing country of ours needs to change and it needs to change now. A serious course of direction and action needs to go into effect if we have any hope in ever becoming the great country that we once were. Too many lives have been mercilessly taken… too high a level of fear has been planted into our minds… too screwed up have our morals become. Anger and hatred are quickly engulfing our daily lives while kindness and love towards each other fade.

My thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to all of the victims, lost loved ones and their families/ friends who were struck by this horrific tragedy. Pray for Orlando. Pray for our country. Pray for one another. More Love and Less Hate.

Until next blog… Love Derra ❤



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