Mad Hatter

Are you crazy? Insane? Are you as mad as a Hatter?

Yes! Yes! And Yes!

Believe it or not there most unrelatable  people out there are the most brilliant, creative and interesting type of people you’ll ever meet during your life. These characters have a different way of viewing the world around them. They feel life on a deeper level. Simple objects like a cup of coffee… an ombre sunset(rise)… a 250 page murder mystery… therapeutic waves crashing against the warm sand… owls patrolling the nights while glowing minds are induced into a temporary state of slumber. Common simplicities that most take for granted, just ignites another infinite flame into others continuous bonfire.

Imaginations the size of the universe and cogs constantly spinning thought after thought, minds that never stop… never shut-off… never quit. Silent saints that roam the streets, remained as blended in mobile statues. You see, when we humans have difficulties understanding the strange and freaky, we tend to spit our “crazy” labels from those makers and then disengage. The fear of the almighty question mark stabbing our brains. Instead of studying the beautifully unknown we bleed ignorance.

Differences are what make this melting pot life delicious. Soaking in the world around us through our eyes and also taking the time to see the world through others viewfinders. “Normal” is a disastrous label, but most feel the most comfort when this word is integrated into our daily lives. So, this being the case, I’ll indulge. Crazy is now the new “normal”. I dare you to take a look at your reflection and search for your Mad Hatter. Then, once found, go out and join the mad tea party with the rest of us. Let go of the ordinary and the illusion of “normal”. I dare you! And I bet that once you do, the colors that shade your world will go from a dull pastel to prismatic HD.

So are you as mad as a Hatter?


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