Halos vs. Horns

Dear Love,

It’s been quite some time since you and I have met. How have you been these days? Myself, well, it hasn’t been easy or enjoyable, but time has stitched and scarred over my wounds. Shameful that I can’t say the same for certain memories that seem to be cemented down deep. I must admit, this heart of mine misses your beautiful company. I’d also like to take this moment to say that I never blamed you for the last split. Most people blame you for broken hearts, failed relationships and every shattered tear. Here, at this moment, I share with all you single souls that love has no evil side… humans do though.

Love slays every minute of every day bringing two compatibly opposite souls together in hopes that an amazing and unconditional life will be created. Love protects those that have suffered from previous brokenness, leading them to take that first step into a new beginning. Love brightens upside frowns and adds touches of glitter to darkened eyes. Love cranks up the volume of a silenced heart. Love shocks a dead soul back to life. Love doesn’t posses the power to destroy. Love doesn’t brake our glass jaws or throw stones at our glass houses.


Humans… well we’re not accessorizing Halos upon our heads, that’s for sure. Love is Heaven, humans are Hell. No doubt implemented that we are a glitched species, unfortunately that includes that fact that we are the ones responsible for corrupting love. Lies… infidelity… violent tempers… these are toxins that are dashed into loves brew, tainting the potion. The beginning stages in taking a dose is blindness. Sight is blurred to truth, then denial slices straight through suspicion. The last stage is the deadliest… sucking out the poison without swallowing.

The thought of once again wearing the “Single” label is tough. Thoughts of a life long lonely cloud hovering over us is daunting. A sense of abandonment flows through our veins and because were still detoxifying, love is what we blame. Love is what we write off. Love gets the rap sheet. I can’t omit myself from the ones who’ve blamed love for their sleepless nights and ice cream filled freezers, I wish I could. Melted time has cleared my vision, washed away the blood and stitched all stabs. Iv’s have medicated hope back into my heart.

“Promise me if I cave in and break and leave myself open that I won’t be makin’ a mistake…” -Eminem

One day… one day you and I will meet up for coffee while becoming reacquainted with one another. When that day does come I may need a push to open the door and walk through it. Unfortunately one single fear still lingers, causing my mind to trip up my heart. Until then stay strong and whatever you do, don’t give up on us humans for I have learned that not all of us have horns. A few halos remain hiding in glowing corners.

“I’m a space bound rocket ship and your heart’s the moon and I’m aimin’ right at you..” -Eminem

Love always and forever,

Genuinely Derra

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