You… you were the first pair of eyes that had the super-power of seeing me for who I was. You were the first to look past the public ridicule straight to my inner most personality. You were the first to honor me with a personal nickname instead of a permanent label. No façades… no embarrassment… no advantages taken… just two misunderstood broken toys hangin’ out on Misfit Island partying it up with Narwhal.

You were the first person who saw the real world I lived in, on the same level we dominated. Two invincible minds who wished upon a star to just be accepted for the golden trophies that they resembled. While most are born with a chance right out of the gate, our chances were to be fought for. Only each other in our corners, rooting and pushing while each round was won. You were the only one who saw my true smile, while others received the Joker. You were the only one who saw the first stage of my destruction as my world began to collapse, as the lights quickly dimmed.


Time gulped down as you and I separately imploded. Years spiraled past before our paths would once again cross. No longer youngster, now mere adults working like hell to find our place in society. I never spilled to you that I loved you ever since our penetrable hearts met. Knowing that we were too young to know what true love involved, my lips remained sealed. Down the road we had traveled, meeting at the intersection of being grown. One vulnerable moment presented itself and that secret I had held onto for so long released itself. I knew it was a bad idea to be so bold, but like a train wreck I couldn’t stop it. After the crash engaged I awaited to see if you’d respond, which you did. My intelligence screamed at my interrupting heart that nothing, but being let down would occur. And I was. My intelligence connected to my gut and this was one time I refused to listen. Love would not be a pair you and I would play in our game. We would remain two jokers who completed one another as friends. My “in love” twirled into just “love”. I love you because you are my friend… my non-blooded family… my equal.

Once again we drifted our separate ways. Working on making our marks on this world. From time to time your face passes through my mind as I gaze up at the sparkling constellations floating in the darkness. Wherever you are, my one wish I send with every shooting star is that you’re happy. For that is the one security we both craved growing up. After all of the dust settled… after rebuilding our armors to be indestructible… happiness was brutally fought for and now earned. So here’s to you…

“Some people try, but they can’t find the magic. Others get down on their knees and they pray. I come alive when I’m close to the madness…”.     -OneRepublic

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