Hello gorgeous world! How are you?

Question… when someone does a wrong doing towards you, how do you react? Are you one who is all about that vengeful game? Are you  one who confronts by saying your piece, forgives and moves on?

Sadly, these days most will answer Yes to the first question and No to the second. Today we are all about playing the “Eye for an Eye” game. One wrong comment, one wrong action, it’s all met with another wrong doing. Before any attention is paid to the battle that’s in progress, a war zone of bullets is continually flying throughout the thunder stormed skies. Both sides being endlessly shot up, along with innocent bystanders. Irreparable damage soaks our minds like the blood soaked shirt on our backs. Permanent blood now stains our hands without our fingers ever gracing a physical weapon. And for what? What possible outcome could ever be worth tearing each other down?

Tongues, the most powerfully forceful weapon we all own. No purchase necessary, no license needed to own it. It’s a weapon we were all equipped with at birth. As we morph throughout the human stages, we learn how to handle our tongues. And at some point we are perfectly capable of making clear decisions on when we pull that trigger, unless your blinders are on. See, when those blinders are on, our peripheral vision is impaired enabling us from intelligently examining the situation before pulling out our arms. Full on angered adrenaline, lips unlocked, tongue cocked and fully loaded.

Aim…. Pull…. Shoot…


“An eye for an eye will only leave the whole world blind….” -Muhatma Gandhi

Allow me to throw a scenario at you… what if the next time someone offended you with either an action or comment, you took off you blinders for a few moments and ran down the factors of what could happen if you simply built yourself to be the “Bigger” person and treated the delicate situation as though it were a grenade. Is it really worth it to pull the pin? If so, are you wiling to stick around to clean up the mess?

I completely understand how difficult it is to take a stand back and analyze the situation before popping off. I know how hard it is to back off while biting your tongue. Trust me, my tongue is scarred. I truly believe that the times I took that moment to stand back instead of engaging in open fire was more beneficial in the long run. As enticing as it is to play the “revenge” game, I have seen to many people change after the battle has died. Relationships D.O.A… painful pieces that are now super-glued into our pasts that shouldn’t exist.

So the next time you find yourself at the fork in the road, take a deep breath and logically consider if you’re ready to step onto the battle field… ready to engage in a deadly game of revenge… ready to unlock your lips and fire your tongue.

Until next blog… Love Derra ❤


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