The Cube Test

Hello gorgeous world! How are you?

Okay class, today we are going to take a test. Don’t worry, studying or full brain capability isn’t required. This test is derived from Japanese psychology and it explains your personality. It’s actually pretty cool and was spot on accurate about my personality (I mean scary accurate.. lol) 😉 this test is a visualization test, however, if you would like to grab yourself a pen and paper, go for it…


Ready… Take a deep breath, temporarily clear your mind of your current chaos and here we go… Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert, up ahead you see a cube…

-What size is the cube? (i.e. small, med., lg.)

-What material is the cube made out of?

-How from the ground is the cube?

-Now you notice a ladder… how from the cube is the ladder?

-What material is the ladder made of?

-Now you see a horse, is it adorned with any saddles/ reigns?

-What is the horse doing?

-Now you see flowers, how many do you see?

-How close/ far are they from the cube?

-Lastly, you see a storm up ahead. How far away is it from where you’re standing?

Alright, pens down. Time to learn a little something about yourself…

The cube represents your ego. The size of your cube is the size of your ego. I have a med sized ego. The material that your cube is made from represents how open or closed off you are. My cube is made of steel. I’m a closed of chick. Lastly, the distance your cube is from the ground represents how grounded you are. I was a few feet from the ground, so besides the whole being “closed off” matter, I did pretty good.

The ladder represents the relationships in your life (i.e. friendships partnerships, loved ones, etc). The distance between your ladder and cube symbolize how close you keep your squad to you. The material of the ladder symbolizes the strengths of the bonds you have with your squad. My ladder was just a couple feet away from my cube and it was made of steel. I kept that ladder close, I wasn’t about to have to drag that thing 10 feet to my cube. 😉

The horse represents control. The more gear your horse is adorned with symbolizes how control’ling you are in situations. What the horse is doing symbolizes how wild and free you are as a person. My horse was not saddled up with anything, meaning that I am a team player in group situations. As for what he was doing, he was just chillin’ like a villain. Drinking water from a small lake and gazing at his desert surroundings. Now this section was close as to how controlling I am. Yes, I am a “go with the flow” person and have no problem letting someone else be the leader in certain situations, but on the flip side of the coin, there are times when  feel more comfortable “taking the reigns” as it were. It all depends.

The flowers represent children. The number of flowers you see symbolize how many kids you want. The distance that your flowers are from your cube symbolize how often you think about starting a family. I pictured 3 flowers and they were right around my cube. So I apparently want 3 kids and think about having a family all the time. 😉 I do, there’s no denying it.

And now to the final section… the storm. The storm you see up ahead represents stress. The closer it is, the more stressed out you are. Me being me, I envisioned a black clouded thunderous storm. It was pretty far out the distance, but something is definitely comin’…lol 😉

So, how did you do? I’m not quite sure why, but I find it interesting on how different cutters have different methods for diving into the human mind. Well I hope you enjoyed our little experiment. Have you family and friends take this, it’s fun.

Until next blog…. Love Derra ❤


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